Intrade Company's quality commitment is not limited to its commitment of high-quality products and services to its customers. Our extensive commitment of quality covers providing a safe and modern working environment for its employees, contributing to the community which it operates in, and minimizing the environmental impact in its activities.

Intrade Company adopts the following items in its policy of quality;
  • Provides opportunities for its employees for self improvement and assuming new responsibilities. Has an extensive technical staff with strong fundamental knowledge, open for learning, believing in the value of working hard, under a knowledgeable, experienced and honest executive staff affectionate to its employees. Adopts a management approach which would ensure its employees to love the Company, improve it using their creative powers and keep their excitement at the highest level at all times.
  • Management staff is comprised of young, dynamic, free-thinking, open-minded people who internalize the mission and vision of the Company, who work enthusiastically, willingly and seriously to reach the goals, who understand modern business principles, and who believe in the power of sharing and teamwork.
  • Fulfills the requirements of the Quality Management System it established and continuously improves its effectiveness,
  • Regularly provides products that meet customer requests and legal legislations in force while performing every business it undertakes.
  • Guarantees to its customers that it always produces the same quality of products meeting requested temrs and legislations, increases customer satisfaction by effectively executing the system.
  • Continuously revises its quality policy to ensure its accordance with the goals of its companies.
  • Continuously revises and improves its goals, which it creates in line with its policy.
  • Performs every job it undertakes with the same, best and most advances technologies; strives to be more successful ever time.
  • Creates effective verification and monitoring facilities by using modern management informatics systems.
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